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Creating a Habit of Meditation? Reserve Time & Space Only for It!

Updated: Jan 2

In the last post, I mentioned I kind of “re-found” my breath with Kundalini. But I was only able to practice a few minutes every now and then. Consistency? It was not around!

I am at my parents’ house in Colombia and, as part of dealing with my feelings of being in a lockdown, I started a thorough clearing project to organise every single room in the house. During one of those patrolling tasks, I started revisiting my old library and found a good old book I used to love: APRENDER A PRACTICAR MINDFULNESS (Learn to practise Mindfulness) by Vicente Simon. It is so simple that again, it was all I fancied to read. I randomly opened it, and the first thing I read was “in order to start your adventure of Meditation, you will need a dedicated time and space always ready for you to practice”. Simple!

What a coincidence, this was exactly what I had been struggling with: Freeing Me-time and allocating an always-free space are paramount steps in order to create the habit. These simple actions are like yellow floats with a blinking light we can just follow in the dark-stormy sea. It is especially important in times of anxiety and uncertainty when we need something constant we can rely on. It is also a way of honouring our decision “this is the right choice, now let’s protect it from external distractions”.

So, I planted my flag and claimed a space next to my bed as “my meditation spot”. Made it as cosy, minimalist and as sacredish as possible, and booked myself free every 5.30 am (ish too). I started leaving everything (the class I will follow, blankets, clothing, even tea in a bottle!) ready from the night before because I noticed having to make any decision in the morning makes me start wondering. So far, it has been so much easier!

Do I still skip some days? Hell yeah! And then I tell myself with the softest voice I can find in my mind “don’t worry hun, your baby steps are amazing!”.

I decided to keep a weeklyish diary on this blog: a step-by-step update on my findings reading the book so we can explore together. Would you like to do that with me?

Cool! Then go and look for a spot you can claim your own. Make it comfortable, private, no-body-place-things-here-please!, and bring a firm chair, blanket or meditation cushion (more about props later) and think of a good time when you can be alone without interruption. That‘s it.

See you in the next post!

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