Cris Buri – Inhale. Exhale: This is Yoga!
After years working in Marketing Agencies my body decided to move away from stress; to move more and better.

My classes are research labs for better movement, not only within the mat, but movement for real life; my practice aims to increase strength, breathing, balance, mobility and flexibility while decreasing the risk of injury and stress. 

I teach Hatha Yoga, Slow Vinyasa Yoga, Beginners Yoga and Animal Movement, with the influences of dance, qigong, Feldenkrais and other somatic techniques.

Marty Dzian – Be the flow.
Influences on my practice and teaching are wide and varied. I was introduced to yoga and meditation in my early years, and since then have developed an individualised practice, incorporating creative Yoga sequences, transitions and circular movements of martial arts and somatic movement explorations.

In my classes, I focus on strength building, skill and flow acquisition, in search of a richer range of possibilities in movement and daily life.

Marty is certified Yoga and Animal Flow® instructor.